Commissioner’s Meeting: Parks, Signs, and Project Workforce

Published 9:34 am Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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The Sumter County Board of Commissioners met on March 19 th . The following employees were
recognized: Belinda Reed, 5-year employee with the correctional institute, Maqueisha Smith, 5-
year employee with the Sheriff department, Joe Lawrence, 5-year employee, civil, and Lakendra
Wakefield, 25-year employee with Jail Operations.

Louis Webb, from OneSumter, presented on the Wayfinding project, which would create a
variety of signage. He talked about the plan for welcome signs for each City in Sumter County
that would share a common style. Each welcome sign would cost less than $13,000 a piece, and
be 10’ wide by 9’ tall. Webb stated that they would use steel construction, an aluminum sign, and
concrete pilings. The original sign was designed to be blue with white lettering. Webb mentioned
that Andersonville and Leslie were interested in a white background with black lettering, and
provided mock-ups. Commissioner Jessie Smith stated that a digital sign would be cheaper.
Webb told how they currently had enough money for one sign for each City. He asked the
County to buy five for the entry ways to Sumter. Chair David Baldwin stated they would take it
under advisement.

Tim Estes addressed the Board, giving an update on the Improving Neighborhood Grants. “We
were notified on March the 12th by Jonathan Ellis, who is our grant administrator, that the Bessie
Mays Circle Project is not qualified for this grant.” He stated that the area appeared to be
qualified on the map, but was designated a difficult development track. This disqualifies them
from the funds. He did mention that it was possible that the $241,000 for the Bessie Mays Circle
Park could be used for the other parks if met with State approval.
County Attorney Hayden Hooks mentioned that each Commissioner had been presented with a
copy of the revision to the zoning ordinance that the planning and zoning committee had
approved, with plans a request for an April vote.

The commissioners also voted unanimously to spend $100,000 dollars to fund project workforce.
Executive Director of The Development Authority, Rusty Warner, stated the project would be
underway in June.