Sumter County Humane Society Minutes

Published 10:18 am Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Minutes by Blue Argo

January 29, 2024, 5:15 p.m. Minutes, Board of Directors Meeting

Members Present: Blue Argo, Michelle Andrews, Rob Brown, Ruth Olson, Don Smith,
Carl Tott, and Lisa Whitaker.

Welcome: Chairman Whitaker called the meeting to order.
Minutes: Both the Minutes of the September 18, 2022 meeting and the Minutes of the
November 2, 2023 meeting were approved as written.

Director’s Report: As of December 31, 2023, the shelter contained a total of 27 cats and 34
dogs. Olson suggested bringing mobile spay/neuter clinics to Americus and Sumter County and
getting area churches involved in holding or sponsoring such clinics in their parking lots, and
that we offer such mobile clinics to all comers as a proven, cost-effective way of reducing the
number of unwanted puppies, kittens, strays, and abandoned pets in Sumter County. Due to the
national glut of returned animals adopted during the Pandemic, our reliable Rescue organizations
are no longer taking our healthy animals like they once did. We have proudly functioned as an
unsung no-kill shelter for a number of years now, homing or rehoming almost all of our animals.
Mobile spay/neuter clinics would help prevent unwanted litters and, thus, the number of stray or
abandoned animals in our community. The mission of the Sumter Humane Society continues to
be the saving of lives.

Treasurer’s Report: Brown gave the Treasurer’s Report, explaining that our biggest expenses
are still for medical bills and that donations from the holiday newsletter are still coming in.
Unfinished Business: The City of Americus Contract has been approved to sign. Discussion
continued over the City of Leslie contract and the City of Andersonville contract. Necessary
shelter renovations are ongoing. Whitaker and Andrews reported on the December 7, 2024
meeting with City and County officials over the future of the shelter. Discussion continued over
City/County Operated versus Non-Profit operation. Andrews motioned that operational figures
be given to the county after evaluation and breakdown. Smith seconded. The motion passed

Next Meeting: TBD.

Adjournment: Andrews motioned, Argo seconded, and the meeting adjourned by unanimous

Respectfully submitted,
Blue Argo, Recording Secretary