Leslie City Council Plans Switch to J.A.G.

Published 8:18 am Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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The Leslie City Council met on the 15th of April. Chief Bob Smith addressed the council. “Our probation is serviced by Southwestern Judicial Circuit out of Americus.” Smith referenced personnel issues that the company was experiencing. “I’m asking for us to consider another probation company. Their acronym is J.A.G. They are all over the state.”

He gave a related update. “Our City Municipal Court Judge, Judge Weaver, is retiring.”

Smith recommended Judge Gregory Williams. “He has filled in for Judge Weaver before and done an excellent job.”

Mayor Mathew Daniel also commented: “He comes recommended by Judge Weaver as well.”

The council unanimously voted to hire Williams, further discussing ending the use of Southwestern Judicial Circuit. Smith talked about the issues “We didn’t have anybody in last court, and the judge was upset about it.” Smith stated that Williams was already used to working with J.A.G.

Smith stated the issues with Southwestern were widespread. “We will be the sixth court in the circuit that’s left. I spoke with David Johnson earlier today in Plains about their change over, and he said it was a very positive change over.”

Termination of the existing service required advance notice. Wendy Clark made a motion to give notice, which was seconded by Jessica Childers, passing unanimously.

City Clerk Jessie Rees noted premiums were up. “It’s almost $4,000 more this year than it was last year.”

Smith also asked for approval of a speed limit change on a straight stretch that comprises Howell, Holeman, and R.W. Jones. He mentioned the 118 intersection.

“When you turn that corner, it’s immediately a 45. When you’re coming into town, it does not break down from 45 to 35.”

He mentioned that he had to allow a vehicle 11 m.p.h. over. “So they could literally be running 56 miles up to that stop sign and slide to a stop.”

Smith gave a suggestion. “That we lower that speed to 35 from the corner at Allen or 118 heading out, the proper amount of footage, and then increase it to 45 maybe at Miss Diane’s drive way or the 212 residence driveway, so it can increase up. Then we slow it down from 45 to 35 before they even get to Miss Diane.”

Smith mentioned high traffic by sod trucks. He asked for them to make a consideration and submit to the State before the next renewal of the speed zone.