Special weather alert

Published 3:02 pm Saturday, January 23, 2016

The National Weather Service has issued a special weather alert for this area of the state, as well as some northern counties, from Saturday night into Sunday morning.

“While rain has ended across the area, patches of black ice will remain possible on roads tonight and into Sunday morning.

Though strong winds have helped dry many road surfaces, sheltered and secondary roads may still have wet areas which will freeze.

Remaining moisture on bridges and overpasses would be the first to freeze. Even areas that only saw rain could experience isolated instances of black ice on road, as temperatures will drop well below freezing tonight through Sunday morning.

Anyone traveling through Sunday morning should be prepared for icy slick spots on roads that would impede safe driving. Conditions will improve by late Sunday morning as temperatures rise above freezing.”

The alert includes Stewart, Webster, Sumter, Marion, Schley and Macon counties in this area, east of the Flint River.